What’s in your wine?

Written by
Jennifer Dierkhising
on May 11, 2020

Quarantine life 

What is the highlight of your days at home?

Is it the extra time with your kids?   Maybe Working in your pajamas?   Is it sleeping-in because your “commute” is to your laptop in the other room?  Maybe it’s your daily walk with the dog or your spouse.

The highlight of my Quarantine days has become …. Which wine will I open at the end of the day?…KIDDING!    

Sort of…but not really. It’s really become quite the hobby and discussion between my husband and me. 

Do you prefer Red or White? Maybe Rose or bubbly?

With so many moving parts during the day — work, home school, sibling squabbles, I feel like I’ve REALLY deserved a glass of wine at the end of the day. And with each day …. Which wine deserves tonight’s celebration?! 

Clearly I’m a wine fan, it’s my beverage of choice. But about a year ago I began cutting back on my wine consumption due to the added sugar in most wines. I probably don’t need to tell you that it’s nearly impossible to cut back on anything during QUARANTINE life… we deserve the treats!! So, best to find a BETTER option. A healthier option.   

DID YOU KNOW how much sugar is added to most mass-produced wine? I try to keep my sugar intake to a minimum for all these reasons – tank top season, the muffin-top, my skin, and for overall health reasons. I take notice of labels and track my sugar, I choose my yogurt by how many grams of sugar, but I had no idea how much sugar is added to or in my wine! Wine doesn’t have an ingredient list or a nutrition label.

DID YOU KNOW mass-produced wine has an average of 16 grams of ADDED sugar per bottle? The sweeter white wine has 35+ grams, and over 120 grams of added sugar in the sweetest wines. But how do you know when wine bottles don’t have labels listing these facts? 

As I started to look for a wine that had less sugar, you would not believe what else I found added to conventional wine!  DO YOU KNOW how many additives are in common mass-produced wine besides added sugar or sweeteners? Take a few minutes to google “wine additives” to see the prevalence of

  • Glyphosate (RoundUP)
  • Mega-purple artificial dye
  • Genetically modified yeast
  • Sulfites
  • Precursors to cyanide

Read this article to see the complete list: 

Should you care about these additives in your wine?  Take this quick quiz to find out:

  • Do you get headaches from drinking wine?
  • Do you get an itchy nose or itchy eyes while drinking wine?
  • Do you wake in a fog? (While that could be the hangover, there’s a good chance that’s due to the nasty additives in your wine.) 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you don’t necessarily have to give up wine! The problem could be ADDITIVES in the mass-produced or conventional wine from the shelves of your big box wine and liquor stores.   

So what’s the solution? Join me LIVE tomorrow in The Hassle-Free Family as I talk you through some helpful tips on WHAT “clean wine” really is and HOW to find it.

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    Written By
    Jennifer Dierkhising

    Jennifer Dierkhising is a wife & mother of 3 girls, a mortgage banker and wine enthusiast who loves the outdoors, picnics in the park, and watching the sunset.  While she doesn’t mind cooking “with wine”, she loves to try new restaurants with uniquely paired foods, and of course a great wine list.

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