Time to Demystify Resistance Training

Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on December 9, 2020

As a woman I have to say the weight room used to be intimidating. It felt like the guy’s place but as the studies roll out and weight training cliches are being debunked, women everywhere are stepping in and stepping up to the weights… and it is AWESOME!! It’s time to push aside all the lies you have been fed about resistance training and join me this week as I walk through the common myths, benefits, how it differs from cardio, and some tips about gym talk! And OH the gym talk and learning my way around this new arena was SO intimidating but it doesn’t have to be, I’m here to help simplify it.

Let me start by giving some street credit and why I wanted to talk about this subject. It started about a year ago and 2020 turned into a crash course in resistance training for me. A new focus to start changing my body and a decision to commit to a process that has brought me through 2020 with lasting results that speak for themselves. Check out my excitement seeing my transformation shared with 400,000 people!

Here I am waking up to my transformation on mass email!

Yes I changed my diet and yes I had a coach. I am not going to make you think I did this by only adding weights but that was a key component to my transformation. What I do want you to consider is the things you believe about what resistance training may be wrong…Hear me out because a year ago I was wrong, there are a few things I believed:

  • I believed I had to work out A LOT every day to get great results.
  • I believed the only way to burn fat was to do lots of cardio.
  • I believed I had to be sore all the time or I hadn’t pushed myself hard enough.
  • I believed that if I touched the big weights I would get bulky and man shaped. (let’s be honest, this should be in the number one spot)
  • I believed that sets, reps, body composition and progressive overload and all the other gym talk was too confusing to learn.
  • I also believed that I wanted a change, that I wanted to be strong, that I wanted to do all the activities my kids could possibly think up, and that I was capable of that if I put my mind to it.

That first picture in January was me active and working out 5 days a week, teaching pilates daily, eating ok, but tired, sore, and frustrated. I wasn’t failing by any means, I just felt I was “doing all the things” but not seeing the actual body composition results I desired. I know better now and I am here to help you too!

Just a few of the myths I believed a year ago.

I urge you to follow along this week and learn more about what resistance training can do for you and hopefully help you gain comfort should you venture to the gym and grab a set of weights or bands! The Hassle-Free Family is where you can join me, see you tomorrow as I dive into what is all included in resistance training and 5 huge benefits you can realize by incorporating it into your workout schedule.

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