How to avoid adding plastic to your food

Written by
Diana Dutcher
on May 1, 2021

The 411 on WHY ditching plastic is a good idea is HERE. This post is dedicated to showing you my favorite alternative to single-use and food-storage plastic. Ready to go shopping for a great reason!?!

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Reusable silicone bags are key to eliminating single-use zip-top bags. There are several varieties that I like for different purposes. Check out this video for the differences.

The next step is eliminating plastic food containers used to reheat food. I was the biggest fan until I realized that chemicals leach out of this type of plastic. Glass containers are an easy direct replacement; great for storing and reheating foods without adding chemicals. Make sure you don’t heat the plastic lids.

Silicone lids are super handy for warming foods without leachable plastics. You can set one of these on top of any microwave-safe dish to prevent splatter and you don’t have to worry about plasticizers leaching out. These are also a wonderful replacement for single-use plastic wrap when you just need to set something aside for a bit and don’t want to leave the top open.

These stretchable lids make food storage a breeze! You can find one to fit on practically any round bowl or dish you might have.

Reusable straws are a great way to not only reduce plastic waste, but keep your beverages plastic-free. We love these because they have a silicone covering on one end for extra comfort while sipping.

Am I missing anything? Give me your best recommendations too! I am always looking for more great products to add to my list.

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