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Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on March 4, 2020

Spring is coming upon us and if you are like me you get a little bit of an organizing bug.  Organizing can sometimes feel really overwhelming so I have come up with a few space savers, hacks and tricks that really help things stay organized and save time in our house!  I’m no Marie Kondo but some are so simple you will say “OF COURSE”!!  I promise you are going to love them.  Bonus is you won’t have to spiral down hours of Pinterest. I have come to learn that if you find a good system, the results can benefit you for months or even years like my favorite pantry tip I’ll be sharing!

How do I even begin?

Breaking the tasks up into little 5-10 minute bursts will make organizing more manageable and seeing quick results is VERY motivating!  For example, rather than taking on the whole kitchen and blocking off a whole day to tackle it, I will just assign myself (or a child) one drawer.  Here is what we do

  1. Take everything out and divide items into three piles: Save, Toss, and Donate.  
  2. Decide whether the save items really belong in that drawer (kids might need a little help with this).   Think about if having it in that location will help that space function and keep in mind the size of the space. Consider whether there is another place where this item might be more efficiently stored.  i.e. The Pokemon cards that accumulated in the back of our pen drawer were quickly relocated!
  3. Place the appropriate saved items back in your space!  Sometimes a drawer organizer, labeled file folders, baskets or other organizing tools are helpful to keep drawers neat.

Seems too simple, right?  Sometimes it is.  Just be sure to do step #2, if something needs to be filed or moved to a different place do that right away!   

We’re going to share more favorite tips and organizing tools in our next LIVE training over in The Hassle-Free Family. These are going to get our wheels turning as we get closer to our spring cleaning challenge in a couple weeks, can’t wait to see you there!

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    1. Such an easy idea! I get so overwhelmed doing this and it breaks it into pieces to make it manageable and not so daunting!

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