Is your sunscreen safe?

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on March 11, 2020

Spring break is right around the corner for us and it has me thinking about being outside more!  Heading to a beach or pool and playing in the waves!  As a family living in the north we are all about “soaking up the Vitamin D”, our favorite supplement after a string of short, gray winter days.  But I’ll be honest, with two middle school aged kids, it can be a balancing act and struggle to keep an eye on our family’s sun exposure when we haven’t seen it in awhile!!   And yes, it can be a struggle.  Is it safe?  Does it smell good? Is it sticky? Will it stay on?  When do I reapply?  Does it make my eyes sting?  Will it react with the pool water? (yes this has happened to us!)  Kind of makes me want to just stick with the long sleeve swim shirts and get to having fun!  Which isn’t a bad idea actually… but there is still exposed skin that needs coverage so I started to research so we could hit vacation running this year!

…toxins, endocrine disruptors, and our coral reefs…

I do believe most people generally agree that we should be protecting our skin by staying covered and applying sunscreen on the regular when we are outside.  We might have not grown up with the habit, but science has shown with certainty that it increases our risk for skin cancer and encourages skin aging.  However, growing concerns had me toiling a bit over WHAT to use.  What about getting our Vitamin D?  Hearing tidbits here and there about toxins, endocrine disruptors, and our coral reefs… it was just time to dive in and learn what is happening with this product we slather all over our skin daily.

After hours pouring over studies, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) site, and various environmental websites I get how this could be a real hassle for most families. I’m ready to help you make some educated decisions on the topic of sunscreen for you and your loved ones!

We’ll get into questions like…

Why is Vitamin D important? 

Can using sunscreen prevent you from getting enough Vitamin D?  

Are there other ways to get Vitamin D and how much do I even need? 

What sunscreens are safe? 

Are there ingredients I should definitely avoid?

If I should avoid them, why are they on the store shelves?

What about environmental impacts of sunscreen?

What brands would you recommend?

Join me Friday in our next LIVE training over at The Hassle-Free Family. I’ll share with you how I finally was able to convince my husband and kids why choosing the right sunscreen is important, that was a big WIN for me, can’t wait to see you there!

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