Is soup a cure for the cold?

Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on November 4, 2020

Well “cure” may not be the right word for this one but historically it has been a solid go-to! In fact, the prescription for chicken soup when feeling under the weather goes all the way back to Jewish scholars in the 12th century! A more recent University of Nebraska study did show that chicken soup may contain anti-inflammatory substances that may help alleviate a cold so it does help us understand why this prescription has withstood time.

A delicious soup I made just last night!

These days, we also understand 

  • The salt in a soup helps relieve sore throat pain much like gargling does. 
  • The heat helps clear nasal congestion and can relieve pain caused by sinus pressure. 
  • There are a number of nutrients and minerals in the broth of a soup that your body needs for the recovery process. 

This third point on its own is a good reason to sip soup simply because it is an easy way to get these much-needed nutrients into your body. Feeling chills or achy makes it hard to embrace healthy foods but a warm bowl of soup is easy on the digestive system, as well as nostalgic and inviting. While the science isn’t terribly strong to support it, it sure does make us feel better which is good enough for me! 

If you don’t already have your personal go-to, here is a good old fashioned chicken noodle soup recipe passed down from my mom – you can tell this recipe sheet has seen a lot of love over the years but it is a prized printout! Sometimes I change up the veggies based on what I have handy but it never fails to do the trick! *Swap out cauliflower for the barley or noodles for a low carb option.

If you just can’t wait to try another soup go check out a recipe Diana shared with us recently to make a delicious Pumpkin Soup. Join us this week in The Hassle-Free Family group to learn more about the difference between stock and broth, what to serve on the side, and many delicious soup recipes of course!

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