Healthy laundry alternatives

By: Stephanie Emenecker

Unsure how to begin turning over products in your home? Laundry is a perfect place to start. Read up on the reasons for ditching the single most toxic item in the home: dryer sheets.

This article is also wonderful for learning about common toxins in laundry detergent and a healthier alternative.

Check out this information on the importance of clean indoor air quality and scroll all the way to the bottom for a video tutorial on 5 healthier alternatives to toxic dryer sheets.

IAQ: Indoor air quality

This is a big deal for those of us spending SO much time at home these days! There is nothing like a beautiful day when we can open up the windows and get that fresh air in! We sleep here, eat here, spend time with our families here. It should be our haven. Our indoor air quality will affect our health in very significant ways – headaches, skin rashes, stuffy nose, GI issues, etc- and we can decide what we allow in. Take a look at this list, what areas might you improve your current IAQ? Just one change can set you in motion to improving the air you breathe the most.

12 Toxins in dryer sheets

Some of you know my story with my husband who was diagnosed with CLL 6 years ago. The one thing I could control was what we brought into our home so I set out to improve our toxin exposure. This includes some of these big hitters in the pic below! And take a look at those chemicals emitted from JUST dryer sheets. At first the changes felt incremental but I promise over time the changes have had amazing improvements in regards to our health

-mental health (all of us)
-lung sensitivity (me)
-snoring (husband)
-headaches (kids)
-GI issues (me)

I’m not going to promise these massive changes for everyone but I do VERY strongly believe that we would have set ourselves on a very different health path had we not swapped out these simple household items and cared for our IAQ. I want the same for you and your family.

5 healthier alternatives to toxic dryer sheets.

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