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Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on April 7, 2021

Did you know that 3.5 million people took up gardening while home during the pandemic? The flood of gardening interest last year created a shortage of both seeds and supplies! One report showed that 36% more Americans are planting vegetable gardens as well. The new found excitement has also brought a lot of questions about how to create a good garden, what plants grow in my area, and how can I most positively impact my space with a garden of my own?

I am guessing you might have a few of those same questions, and also “where and when do you start?” You can understand your area better by knowing your planting zone, this map below was compiled by the USDA using high and low temperatures over the span of 12 years. When you buy a plant or seeds at your local garden shop it will usually give a recommendation on the label for the zones that are best suited for that variety. Where I am located, in Wisconsin, we are a Zone 5 so I look for plants that have zone 5 in their ideal range. It will ensure I have a better chance of those plants surviving the winter season!

Knowing the zone will also help determine when you should start planting seeds, this just takes a little searching based on your area – for me it is suggested to wait until after Memorial Day to place plants outside (to limit the chance of frost) so if I want to plant seeds I need to start them indoors in late April. Some regions have a longer growing season than that which is why it is very helpful to work with a nursery local to you. This label on the side of the plants or seeds you wish to buy will also help you determine whether your plant will need shade or sun, how big they will grow, and their required spacing. A good garden plan will take these things into consideration!

2012 USDA Hardiness Zone map

Your space may only allow for some smaller pots or it may be large enough for a full garden, either way, this week you will find many ideas that will help you with which plants to choose! From butterfly gardens to saving the Bees to growing a tasty veggie garden, there are excellent and easy choices for all garden sizes.

We would love to have you join us this week in The Hassle-Free Family group! If you are not a member yet send us a quick request and we will be sure to add you to the family. Happy Spring and happy gardening.

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