Finding balance in an unbalanced world

Written by
April Dassow
on September 30, 2020

Prior to 2020, schedules were jammed packed.  Life felt chaotic.  We were going from activity to activity and function after function.  Perhaps, you and your partner worked fulltime.  Your children went to school and/or daycare then to dance, soccer, swimming lessons, and/or piano lessons.  For some of us our Saturdays were filled with your child’s soccer game, followed by their friend’s birthday party, and then your friend’s 40th birthday bash.  By Sunday, we are worn out and trying to recuperate for the work week.  We didn’t even have time to get in yoga or a run.  Our schedules were so packed that our meals were consumed in the car, barely conversing with our family.

Bringing us to 2020.  Which has been the year of plot twists for many of us.  One minute we were on our old normal path.  The next we were sheltering at home with our families and quaranteams.  We were told to follow a specific protocol and then 5 minutes later there was a new protocol to follow.  Some of our family and friends experienced job loss it may have even affected you. Even temporarily.  Others were deemed essential employees or started working from home.  The children in our lives could not physically go to school or participate in their favorite activities.  Life as we knew it changed on a dime.  It seems like at least monthly, there is a new disaster or crisis we must deal with.  Certainly, this brought many people stress and anxiety and a different sense of unbalance.

This may leave you wondering what to do next or how to navigate through this ambiguous time.  Some of us do not necessarily want to go back to the ways we were living.  You realize there are things we are not expected to do anymore, and this brings a sense of peace and joy to your life.  Then there are the things that you miss being able to do, like dining out with a large group of friends or going to happy hour.

Now, school has started back up, we are in homeschooling/virtual learning, hybrid, or fulltime in person school.  We as their adult are responsible for ensuring they are getting a proper education on top of working fulltime.  Our dining room is preforming multi duty as a place to have a meal, a classroom, and our offices. Our lives 

Fortunately, I have found a way to keep my life in better balance.  I’d like to share that with you.

Written By
April Dassow
April went from a full-time working, single mom struggling to make ends meet while driving her kids from activity to activity to feeling like her life was more in balance by implementing a simple framework into her life.  She loves to show others how they can get their version of a balanced life!

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