3 Things People Hate About Essential Oils

Written by
Diana Dutcher
on February 22, 2021
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Want to know 3 things people hate about essential oils? Here they are:

1. Essential oils seem mysterious – most people don’t really know what essential oils are so they are scared to try them. I assure you, essential oils are distilled, extracted, or cold pressed from plants by a strictly controlled scientific process. You have every reason to be confident about their purity when you buy them from Young Living because that is what YL’s Seed to Seal guarantee is all about. Those “other companies”…? I can’t comment about their sourcing or purification methods. Stick to the good stuff; you’ll know the difference.

2. People are skeptical of the efficacy of essential oils. I get it! I was too before I used them. I had no idea how powerful those tiny bottles of oil were until someone I trusted 100% gave their endorsement.

I’ve personally experienced a level of efficacy that I never would have imagined. I really had no idea that oils could do as much as they do and allowed me to stop using many other things.

The science is clear – when essential oils are studied for specific purposes, they show benefit. Go to PubMed and search for Benefit of Essential Oils and you will find over 500 studies!

The starter kit oils from Young Living – something for everyone in the family

3. Essential oil usage seems complicated. There is a learning curve to using essential oils, that is true. They are unlike anything else we know; any new skill takes knowledge and practice. If you bought your starter kit with limitless wellness possibilities in mind but didn’t get past the initial learning curve, you are going to love this.

I built a brand new Essential Oils course JUST FOR YOU! It’s available NOW and it’s FREE. You heard me right, no strings attached.

Go to this link: https://dianadutcher.com/courses/essential-oil-starter-kit-course/

Click: Login to Enroll

Click: Register an Account

​You’ll follow the navigation and click through the lessons. Each lesson has a short video to show you the ins and outs of things like using oils topically, how to diffuse oils efficiently, how to experiment with ingesting them if you choose to, and a ton of helpful recipes and resources are included.

There is also an easy way to submit feedback and requests for the next course on the site.

​My mission in 2021 is to teach the topics that YOU want. I already gathered an awesome list from members in November and December and I would love to add your feedback as well. Courses on my website seem like the most efficient way to load the content for everyone so I am going to stick with this as long as it keeps working.

So go ahead and register for the course now; that will be an easy way to setup your login on the website and you’ll be able to access all future content through the same portal.

Some things I have coming are: cooking with Vitality oils, diffuser blends, CBD basics, which chemicals to kick out of the home, and oils for kids. Don’t see what you want on this list? Reply to this email and I’ll be happy to add your suggestion.

​Thank you for being a valued member of this YL family. I hope I have lived up to your expectation of a supportive resource and liaison to Young Living. If there is anything I can do to support you and your wellness journey, I cannot wait to connect with you.

All my best and cheers to your wellness,

💝 Diana​

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