Detox Your Home and Strengthen Your Immune System

Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on August 12, 2020

Last week Diana did an amazing job teaching us about foods and nutrition to boost and strengthen our immune systems. This week I would like to help share a few things we know tear it down – and what we can do to improve our environmental exposure to toxins! 

We are gearing up for a new school year and more indoor time as the cooler temperatures of fall approach, potentially filled with more chemical exposure than my kids have ever seen. Cleaners, sanitizers, sprays… all of these things can be individually “Ok” and approved for use, but research is showing that ingredients in these chemical based items have a toxic load on our systems. As our toxic load increases through constant and increased exposure, our bodies suffer from body burden. For what goes in, must be sorted and sifted out. Our bodies are a great machine but overloads on our organs and immune system weaken it and set us up for sickness. Basically, it gets tired and overused.

The more substances, the harder the immune system has to work.  If your body is working overtime to protect you from things in our everyday products, it’s never getting a break and can become suppressed and weak over time.

I’m ready to empower you with ways you can remove some of the well-known items in your home that create body burden and switch them out with toxin-free alternatives. By slowly unburdening your body you can you give your family’s immune system a fighting chance to be ready when it is needed most.

I’ll dive deeper into what body burden means and the variety of symptoms it might show up as.  This summary study focusing on a variety of toxins and chemicals goes VERY in depth regarding toxicity of certain chemicals and how they suppress the immune system.  

“There is an increasing awareness within the scientific and public communities that toxic chemicals can suppress the immune system.”

National Research Council (US) Subcommittee on Immunotoxicology.

Another interesting abstract from The Journal of Immunology was so eye opening to me! Revealing that many of these toxins *COMMON on our store shelves* are passed down at the highest levels through fetuses, infants and children, resulting in immune suppression, an increased susceptibility to food intolerance, and allergic asthma. Many of these interactions and long term effects are just beginning to be uncovered and understood through research. 

Tomorrow join us in The Hassle-Free Family as I sum up these in depth emerging studies, uncover several sources of body burden and more importantly a game plan to change and begin removing them!

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