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Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on February 19, 2020

One of the biggest contributors to a peaceful, hassle-free environment in our home is attitude.  When you allow stress and anxiety to build, they send a trickle effect of tension through the home and can BLOW UP a good attitude in minutes.  The buildup is sometimes subtle but the effects are profound… and contagious.  Ever enter a room and just FEEL the tension in the air?  Everyone feels it like a bad energy you can’t kick.  If you are the one radiating it, you hold the power.  And it’s your job to chill out, for your family and your health.

It’s true, when we are stressed out, those that are closest to us feel it almost as much as we do.  If left unchecked, stress can really hurt our health and our family’s well-being.  That is a big hassle when you are doing “all the things” to inch your family toward a natural, harmonious lifestyle.  Stress can step in with its headaches, chaos, fatigue, and short temper and pretty soon everyone is bitter.  It is not surprising that studies indicate, chronically stressed parents tend to be more insensitive to kids.

Those same studies show that a parent’s ability to manage stress is a strong predictor of the quality of their relationship with their children and how happy children are.  Reduce the stress, reduce the hassle!  And that is exactly what we are going to set out to do this week!

Over in our group we asked these questions to help gauge if stress might be affecting your home, try it! And be honest.

–  Is my home a place to unwind and relax?

– Can we enjoy our time as a family in this space?

–  If your children were to describe you would they say you are easy going, take time to listen and are enjoyable to be with? Or would they describe you as tense and stressed out?

– Would your loved ones describe you as irritable, run down, exhausted or angry?

If your home life is on edge and your family would describe you as tense and irritable, it’s time to get your stress in check!  This is the part where someone might tell you to take a bubble bath … maybe that works for you… or maybe you roll your eyes like I do when I hear that.  And I get it, some tips you hear just don’t fit into your life.  Don’t let that stop you from finding YOUR reset and chill out.  Join us over in The Hassle-Free Family group on Facebook as we share our favorite tips broken down into


Learn proven, hassle free favorites to implement this week. If one doesn’t do the trick, try another!  Find one that syncs with you and you will be more likely to benefit from its chill-out effects.  I’d love to hear what you think!

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