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Written by
Stephanie Emenecker
on May 19, 2020

The hustle of life can be a big distraction when it comes to the relationships closest to us. We get so caught up in the “to-dos” of the day that we become generals directing the army and those loving, flirty moments are set by the wayside. We neglect communication, intimacy and the intentional pursuit of our spouse. Throw in children, chores, and work …well, rekindling the spark in your marriage can feel a little like a long-lost dream as you both collapse tired in bed.

“I choose you” moments

It is no question that a marriage is work, allowing things to just “happen” can be an adequate strategy in dating while it is fresh and new but what I have learned is there is a certain amount of intention needed to nurture a long-lasting marriage. I call them “I choose you” moments. As the newness wears off, we can become predictable in our routines, our conversations, and our habits… and that can suck some of the zest out of the relationship. When we prioritize other “things” over our relationship we choose what is most important, and if you are reading this, chances are today you are choosing to set your relationship as a priority.

simple gestures that are as easy to slip out of … as they are to slip back into.

With 16 years of marriage, 3 step kids, 2 children and all the busyness that goes along with that, I can assure you dating your spouse by no means needs to be exhausting or boring! There are seasons where it might be harder. Some days there are big events that rekindle the love, but from my experience, it is more importantly the small daily gestures that are as easy to slip out of as they are easy to slip back into. That is what I want to bring to you. Those simple starter steps… a touch, a thoughtful question, an “I choose you” moment.

Join us this week at The Hassle-Free Family as we brainstorm conversation starters (that aren’t about kids), inexpensive date night ideas, and simple daily gestures to keep the sparks flying in your relationship. Continue to pursue each other and “show up” in love and your relationship will be anything but boring. 

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