DIY Bubble Tea (tapioca pearl tea latte)

Written by
Diana Dutcher
on May 26, 2020
Homemade bubble tea (iced tapioca pearl tea latte)

Minnesota was pretty slow to get a restaurant that served really delicious bubble tea. When it finally arrived, we couldn’t get enough! The sweet, rich flavor of the iced milk tea combined with the surprising chewy texture of the tapioca pearls was just a fun treat to enjoy on a hot day.

But at $5 a cup, we just had to make our own. Follow along, it’s easy!

Tea – sachets or loose leaf both work
A splash of milk or creamer of your choice. I prefer non-dairy such as Califia Farms almond/coconut milk and their flavored creamers are also delicious.
Tapioca pearls, dehydrated
Optional but really helpful – wide bubble straws

1. Boil tapioca pearls in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain with cold water and set to cool in cold water
2. Brew tea with hot water – any flavor you like will work
3. Place ice in a cup or mason jar, add several scoops of bubbles (more or less to taste), pour hot tea over the ice, add a splash of milk or creamer.
4. Optional: Add sweetener such as maple syrup, stevia, or brown sugar

Homemade bubble tea

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Written By
Diana Dutcher

I am an educator and entrepreneur who is passionate about non-toxic living. I get to be with my five kiddos (8, 6-year old twins, and 3-year old twins) in the mornings and teach in the afternoons or evenings. It’s a beautiful abundant life 💖

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